Life Coaching

Life coaching is when we work together to beat your personal and professional goals which leave you empowered to live the life you want.

Life coaching is for the people who don’t believe they need ‘Therapy’ but are looking for a more controlled way of assessing their lives, putting a plan together, focusing on their long-term goal, then breaking it down into smaller and more measurable objectives or aims.

This can include:

– in full or part-time work
– being at home
– Uni or College
– the transition of unemployment or
– becoming retired.

– wages
– Budgets
– Student living

Friends & Social life

Home and family
– Childhood
– Parents
– children

– Partnerships
– separation
– divorced
– Single

All the above can have an impact on your Energy levels, Health, Environment, Inner World, and Habits.
The old patterns that are supposed to make life work – and once did – no longer serve you, they are no longer useful.
Because of this change, we undergo unclear feelings emotions and sensations of which appears to have no pattern?
Talking and making sense of your new life patterns is vital for you to be able to move forward with reduced anxiety and depression

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